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    Thank you for choosing New York Deg Photography. I need to know the following things about your pet;

    • What is your pets personality? Friendly? Nervous? Shy? Aggresive? Playful?
    • How well is your pet trained?
    • Is your pet trained?
    • How old is your pet?
    • How is your pets physical condition?
    • Is your pet allergic to any type of food?
    • Is there anything I need to
      know about your pet?
    • What does your pet respond to?
    • Where am I photographing your pet?

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    More about a dog photography session

    I prefer photographing pets where they are the most comfortable; their home. Think of where I can photograph your pet. I have used couches, chairs, rugs and floors as backgrounds. Large windows can mean great natural lighting. Besides looking beautiful it's much easier your loved ones eyes. Or I can bring professional lights. I can also arrange for a studio or location shoot. It's better if the animal isn't fed until after the photo shoot. This way s/he's more responsive to the treats used in the session. It's best if I photograph your dog as soon as possible after a professional grooming. I want your dog looking his/her best. I recomend Smiley Castellar 917 495 1865.

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