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    A Beautiful Photo of Your Dog

    Do you want a professional portrait of your dog cat or exotic pet? A photo you will be proud to show your family friends and neighbors? This is my goal. When you book a session I will photograph your pet then show you unretouched digital photos right away. Chose the photos you like.

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    Photos by the author of "How to Photograph a Dog Easily

    Available on Amazon.com just click here. 90 professional dog portraits and the techniques used by the author to get them. This book shows you the tricks and secrets so you can get a dog to stay for a photo. And then capture a memorable expression. The very basics of photography are explained for a beginners. His clients include celebrities such as Dan Akroyd.

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    Most Dogs Don't Understand "Please Turn Your Head a Little to the Right"

    I am a caring photographer with over twenty years experience photographing pets in NYC. Experienced posing and capturing expressions showing their personalities.Your portrait will be professionally retouched. When needed stray hairs will be hidden and the background will be finessed. I want your photograph to be stunning and flawless

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    Photographs in Your Home

    The place where your pet will be the most comfortable is your home. Especially a cat. I can use your furniture or a rug as a background.Or I can bring a background. I can arrange for a studio or location of your choosing as well.

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    Makes a Great Gift

    Imagine giving that special someone a photo portrait of their favorite pet.

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    Rates start at $375 for a photo session. You get one 11 x 14 print, one 8 x 10 print, four 5 x 7 prints and four 4 x 6 prints. And a.jpeg file for emailing and sharing online.

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